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    Kayla Pittman

    So the game was fun as could be, except I could not play it for more then 5 minutes without the game crashing as soon as I started a match. Besides that I loved how the game played I use an iPhone 6s and the game worked nicely it just needs to be able to run better.

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    Jose Olivares

    Their are a couple of problems I had with the game:First of all,the game can be very laggy in new character animation which can cause the game to crash,2nd,most games end in a draw which can get repetitive for a while,3rd,3 hours for a single key is a bit in the extreme,maybe turn into 15 min or 30?,4th,sometimes,games start for the opponent instead of myself so when the game says start,the opponent already had units attacking my towers,and lastly,some units abilities are clearly stronger others to the point of insta killing most units except the tanks.anithing but that and lag game has lots of potential.

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    Alan Lt Brown

    The game wasn't quite was I was expecting, but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. A few things I would suggest changing are:

    -The amount of cards you get in chests. I know we got a large amount of dust in the beta so we could buy those supreme chests and acquire cards and Lien faster, but hopefully that won't be the main source of cards in the final release. The chests you get from winning only contained 2-10 cards, which would make the game progression atrociously slow unless you were to spend money on dust. Pay to win games are not enjoyable for the majority of people who don't want to dish out wads of cash for continuity.

    -The cooldown time for keys. I also understand how you wouldn't want people getting too many chests and cards from continuously winning matches, but three hours per key is far too long to wait. At that rate, people would only play for maybe an hour or two a day, since there would hardly be any rewards for winning besides ascending in trophies. An hour or thirty minutes per key would be far more reasonable.

    -The matchmaking. While this can understandably be chalked up to the relatively small amount of people playing the game due to it being the close beta, sometimes the matchmaking would put you up against people three hundred trophies ahead of you, and they would have cards from an arena you aren't close to reaching yet, causing it to be difficult to progress since they have a slight upper hand.

    -A few nerfs for cards. Pyrrha and Penny specifically seemed just a tad bit overpowered. While Penny's main source of damage was her ability, the area of effect was rather large and the duration felt a bit too long. Pyrrha was extremely durable and put out a high amount of damage. Her shield through ability could kill almost anything in one go if it got hit on the throw and the return. It would be reasonable to either have her cost more aura, lower her damage, or lower her health. She could take more seemingly more damage than a Yatsuhashi and dish out more damage than either Ruby's.

    -The amount of trophies required to progress. Having a gap of 400 between almost every arena felt like way more than it needed to be. Many people were trapped in Arena one during the first day due to how long it took to progress and how many people were fighting each other to get out. Perhaps this was done because of the amount of arenas in the beta? Regardless, if you're planning on changing this in the future, that would be appreciated. 300 would be more reasonable.

    Those are really the main suggestions I have in regards to the final product. I enjoyed the game, and I plan on downloading it upon release. Thank you for allowing me to test it, and see you at RTX.

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    Yvonnova Klaerner

    The game is definitely not what I expected. It's both a good and a bad thing. I enjoy the PvP aspect It's a fun idea but I feel like it wasn't the best suited for mobile. Or at the least I feel like that's not all the game should have centered around. It was laggy and when connection would drop for one person or the other that just ended up being pretty much a sure victory for their opponent. I was partially expecting a story mode type thing. A lot of the games I've played like this had a story mode as well because the race to the top of the leader board aspect lost it's appeal fast. I didn't even play the final day because I got so stuck on the edge of Arena 1 and 2 that it just got so frustrating. I feel as though you should have a chance to get some of the higher arena units in the crates even if it's slimmer than what you currently have access to because part of why I was stuck was when the units from higher arenas would just give you no chance at all. I feel like the game is just missing the finesse that RWBY has and it's a little disappointing.

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